About Me…

Hi, I’m Hollie.

I help couples from all over the world plan their perfect destination weddings in Spain and Ireland.
I specialise in the Marbella and Costa Brava region of Spain but offer a bespoke service throughout the entire mainland Spain and my home country Ireland.

With today’s busy lifestyles and demanding careers, dedicating the time truly deserved to create and plan your perfect wedding can be challenging, to say the least! Especially if it’s a destination wedding you are dreaming of.

My mission is to take the headache out of the planning process so you can enjoy the journey and rest assured that no detail will get overlooked.

I am originally from Dublin but I have spent the past 11 years living and working across Europe and the US.  Travelling has really become a way of life to me!

I am based in Marbella but I also spend a considerable amount of time travelling around Spain and Ireland throughout the year. 

My Mission…

I strive to remove every last bit of stress from the planning process by handling negotiations, assisting with the legals, researching and taking care of the rest of the ‘not so fun stuff’ leaving you and your partner as carefree and relaxed as possible. Your wedding day will be one of the happiest, fun and exciting times of your life.
It is easy to get caught up in the small things, leaving you feeling stressed and even a bit overwhelmed at times meaning you completely forget to enjoy the process.

This is where I come in!

Your time is precious and I want you to spend it enjoying the journey. After all, there is just a much fun to be had pre-wedding if you embrace it!
I don’t believe in settling in life and I definitely don’t believe you should either and least of all on your wedding day.
We will work through your visions together and all the important details from beginning to end with some fun along the way, then you can leave it to me to make your dream happen!

If you have a clear picture in your head of what you want the look and feel of your day to be but have no idea where to start to turn that vision into a reality or perhaps you are not sure if what you want is even possible or you simply just don’t have the time to make it happen…..

Let’s do this together!

My Vision…

I grew up in a family that actively supported my dreams and visions and who told me everything was possible.

This is a value that I have strongly taken into my adult life…

And this is what I want to do for my brides and grooms.
I will take your vision and deliver you with a perfect, bespoke wedding day.

Whether that be a traditional affair or an unconventional one, after all the sky is the limit on what your day can be!

I believe Your Wedding Day is a reflection of you and your partner and your lives together and so it is very important to get to know you both and to understand who you are as a couple and individually.

My aim is to understand exactly how you and your partner envision your special day, figure out what’s important to you and work together to incorporate all this into your big day!

My Values and what that means to you…

I am someone who believes that everything in life is possible with enough willingness, hard work and self-belief.
As a general rule, I don’t take no for an answer and I face any obstacle in front of me with a natural response of, ”ok, so now let’s find the best solution!”.

I value honesty and integrity above all in life and I believe that you should never underestimate the power of positivity.

My values are certainly something I carry into my business life. Clients who work with me can expect a personal, dedicated and upfront experience. I will take your visions with my ‘can do’ positive attitude and make them a reality.

I understand how it can be to have the feeling of not being in control while I am working away in the background so I will always keep you informed throughout every step of the process with full transparency, this is your day and your decisions!

And I will, of course, always be on hand for any questions, concerns and changes along the way right up to and including on the day itself.

So… How Did I Get Here?

I have a 12 + year background in International Retail Management, Coaching and Project Co-ordination in the fashion industry. I loved my job for the pace, the multi-tasking, working with people from all over the world and the thrill of simply making things happen and fast……. but there was something missing.

So as someone who believes that you should be truly happy and passionate about what you do, to give your 100% best every day….. I reevaluated.

And what I discovered is that I could combine my passions, experience, and strengths to do something I absolutely love on a daily basis, working for myself.

That’s when Hollie the Wedding Planner was born!

If you want me to help you plan your bespoke wedding in Spain or Ireland or you would simply like to find out more I would love to hear all about your plans!

Tell me all about your vision and requirements or send me an email


Speak soon


Hollie is such a lovely person to work with on wedding plans!
She is organised and full of ideas and very logistical in getting everything done on time. She offers a great range of beautiful high end venues in Spain for the perfect wedding in the sun and is always ready to help so she keeps the plans enjoyable and stress free!x

Rosie Meleady



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