Why couples are changing the rules when it comes to their wedding ceremony.


More and more couples are opting in favour of a symbolic ceremony or a blessing and not only as a way around the legals!


…….. BUT because it allows them to have a very customised ceremony just about anywhere you can imagine!


Millennials don’t want to compromise and least of all on their wedding day. Who they are and their uniqueness as a couple is important to them and they what to express that in every aspect of their day.


By opting for a symbolic ceremony (also referred to as a blessing), it gives them the flexibility to celebrate their wedding exactly where and how they want to


They are forgoing wedding traditions that feel outdated or that don’t reflect their beliefs as a couple and really making their wedding day their own …..and the ceremony is no exception!



So what is the difference between a civil ceremony and a symbolic ceremony?


civil ceremony is legal, in that the marriage is officially recognised by the government. A civil or religious ceremony needs to be performed in a registered venue.


symbolic ceremony is NOT a legally recognised marriage. Instead, it’s essentially a promise of love between two people and can usually be performed just about anywhere!


It has some of the same aspects as a regular wedding ceremony, including the exchange of vows and the exchange of rings but with the option to make it unique to you and your day. 


If you choose to have a symbolic ceremony you can do the legal part in your home country (either before or after whichever you prefer) and then have a symbolic ceremony or blessing, together with your loved ones in the destination of your choice.

And what are the advantages of a SYMBOLIC Ceremony?



  • There is a much greater choice and variety of ceremony venues, dates and times available.


Civil and religious ceremonies must be carried out in legally approved locations or churches.
However, with a symbolic ceremony, the possibilities are endless!

You can say I do on the beach, overlooking the mountains, in a hot air balloon or just about anywhere your imagination can dream up!



  • You can have your ceremony onsite


If saying “I do” while free falling from the sky is not for you having a symbolic ceremony also means you have the comfort of making it a relaxed ceremony on site where the reception will take place so no need for anyone to travel from one location to another giving everyone, including you and your fiancé, more time to enjoy the day!



  • There is no need to travel to your wedding destination before the day of your wedding to arrange any documents etc.


All documents for your legal marriage will be done in your home country which means no translation required.

Also, your marriage will be registered at home so no hassle after the honeymoon to deal with legals, yay!



  • The ceremony is completely customisable!


This perhaps is the biggest advantage!

As it is completely customisable you can make it as short or as long as you like. You can include your favourite poems instead of readings, stories about how you met, add any traditions that you like or start your very own traditions!

So why not Include more of what’s important to you both and reflects who you are as a couple and simply leave out what is not!



  • You can choose who performs your ceremony.


You recall Joey from friends becoming a celebrant to marry Chandler and Monica right?
With lots of “giving and receiving” and “receiving and sharing ” …..well it really is that simple!

As it is not a legally binding ceremony you can choose your best friend, a parent or a person who inspires you both to perform your ceremony.
As the person you choose will likely know you very well this can be a really nice way to make your ceremony super personal.



  • Have the ceremony conducted in your native language.


As it is not legally binging there will be no need for a translator (unless of course, you want one) so you can carry the ceremony out in the language of your choice or in a mixture of two languages if you and your partner have a different mother language.


These are just some of the advances and reasons why couples are choosing to have a symbolic ceremony in their destination of choice over a traditional civil or church ceremony back home.


Millennial are mixing things up. doing it their way and making their wedding day ultra personal and personally, I couldn’t agree with them more!